• “Left with nothing but to Imagine a world, that is less ugly, more beautiful, less discriminatory, more democratic, less dehumanizing, and more humane.”
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Dystopic refugees and migrants

Critical consciousness is imagining new forms of being that are not life threatening. Allowing oneself to imagine and dream that there could exist a different reality and way of doing things that will guarantee social, economic, political freedoms. However this dream cannot be possible especially if there exists ‘objective truths’ ‘universal ideas’, ‘common sense’ or … Continue reading

Invoking possibilities for political participation of Somali women

While Somalia is undergoing immense transformation in its state making, a key undertaking will be in ensuring that women are guaranteed autonomy to exercise political and decision authority. At the moment the number of women in leadership positions is not in tandem with the ideals of a democratic state that Somalia has agreed to in … Continue reading

Migration confronts ‘Modernity’

Faced with a rise in migrant and refugee asylum seekers, state control within European borders is stronger than ever. The optimism for a more accommodating Europe among migrants and refugees can well be juxtaposed with intensifying public hysteria and anti-immigrant sentiments from within. Foreseeing that migration is an inevitable process in a transnational globalized world … Continue reading

The challenges of community advocacy

One of my favorite development blogs is The Stubborn Problem of the ‘Village Elite’, voted a World Bank ‘Top Ten Blog Post’ in 2012. It’s one of my favorite because it’s honest and speaks of what goes wrong when implementing development projects, and points out a number of critical grassroots issues that aid workers face at … Continue reading

What I Read in 2013

The Godfather by Mario Puzo Living History by Hillary Rodham Clinton, Nan Graham (Editor) Lords of Poverty by Graham Hancock Hostages: A Year at Gunpoint with Somali Pirates  by Paul Chandler, Rachel Chandler and Sarah Edworthy Born in the Big Rains a Memoir of Somalia and Survival by Fadumo Korn The Africans by David Lamb … Continue reading

‘Media in bed with the military’

In an endeavor to discuss Kenya’s incursion into Somalia under the ’Operation Linda Nchi’ it’s fundamental to begin with highlighting media narratives of the incursion at the time; ‘Kenya is not at war with Somalia’, ‘Kenya has not invaded Somalia we cannot call it an invasion just an operation’, ‘It is not our soldiers who … Continue reading

Development Agenda: Having the Passion is just not enough

I read this on an article ‘Development is political. It is not linear, but complex, and we operate in a political minefield’ and got so inspired that nearly jumped on my chair but then I was left asking myself how do we make our voices heard in this ‘political minefield’ we need solutions. I have … Continue reading

Drones to Monitor Human Rights

A recent controversial New York Times op-ed ‘drones for human rights’ by Andrew Stoboand and Mark Hanis has been the cause of major debates around human rights circles.The article proposes for a new ‘solution’ in solving systemic human rights abuse in conflict zones. In the article they write ‘A drone would let us count demonstrators, … Continue reading

How to guarantee social protection in a highly disenfranchised world

Protests have gained a common ground in Kenya with volatile inflationary rates looming and ever increasing inequality gap widening. As i type this i can hear sounds of blowing vuvuzelas as public university lectures protest on the streets of Nairobi.The sound of the vuvuzela is not one of a celebratory tone but that marked by … Continue reading

Who are the real tyrants?

”All tyranny needs to gain a foothold is for people of good conscience to remain silent” Thomas Jefferson I thought i could remain silent over the brutal killing of Muammar Gaddafi but i just can’t otherwise i will be equal to those who choose to be blind to atrocities. So they killed him in cold … Continue reading


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